Earn Crypto for simple tasks ANYONE could do!

How To Get FREE Cryptocurrency!

How to get FREE Crypto:

Wildspark video:

Incent video:

What is Wildspark?   

       WildSpark is a Chrome extension that allows you to share the content you like in a way that rewards both you AND its creator using Synereo digital currency.  WildSpark is the first tool released by Synereo, and it provides a new way for content to be monetized and gives to anyone who shares content online.  WildSpark works as a distribution system working with media and social networks, where users are encouraged to reward both creators and curators directly, without the media creator, social network – or Synereo – taking a cut.

What is Incent Loyalty?   

       Incent is a Chrome extension that gives you FREE crypto for a certain amount of time each day using Incent digital currency.  Incent provides a new way for beginners in the Cryptospace to begin their portfolio.  Incent works as a distribution platform in which tokens have a fluctuating exchange rate, though merchants can opt to deal entirely in local currencies and never hold actual Incent tokens. Incent is a project of Australian-based Bitscan, which has promoted the adoption of Bitcoin among merchants throughout the world and has built a directory of over 6,000 businesses currently accepting Bitcoin

Let’s Have Some Fun With 3D Printing and Cryptocurrency

My main focus is to teach people basic knowledge of 3D printing, cryptocurrency, and much more while having fun!

Hi, I’m Kade, the 13-year-old star of “Cooking with Kade” videos on YouTube. I was also a contestant on Masterchef Junior Season 4.  I am a 7th-grade honor student and an active member of Beta Club and 4-H Club.  

My interests are cooking, swimming, 3D Printing, Blockchain Technology and digital currency (crypto).


3D Printing

One of my main focuses.

I teach others the basics of 3D printing.



I teach others the benefits of cryptocurrency

and how it works. 


My Cooking Channel

I have been doing this cooking show since I was nine.  I share recipes, do product reviews, and more.

National Television Appearance 

My Run-in With Gordon Ramsey

At nine years old I was fortunate enough to be on MasterChef Jr.
I burned the marshmallow, tried to sell it to Gordon as that’s how we like it in Louisiana…but he didn’t buy it…lol

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