Let’s Have Some Fun With Technology

My main focus is to teach people basic knowledge of 3D printing and much more while having fun!

Hi, I’m Kade, the 15-year-old star of “Cooking with Kade” videos on YouTube. I was also a contestant on Masterchef Junior Season 4.  I am a 10th-grade honor student and an active member of Beta Club and JROTC.  

My interests are cooking, swimming, video games, and 3D printing.


My Cooking Channel

I have been doing this cooking show since I was nine.  I share recipes, do product reviews, and more.

National Television Appearance 

My Run-in With Gordon Ramsey

At nine years old I was fortunate enough to be on MasterChef Jr.
I burned the marshmallow, tried to sell it to Gordon as that’s how we like it in Louisiana…but he didn’t buy it…lol

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